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We manufacture railway freight wagons.

Our goal is to manufacture wagons with the best technical parameters that will satisfy the individual requirements of our customers. Needless to say, that we take it as standard that NYMWAG wagons are always of the highest quality. WE HAVE MASTERED OUR CRAFT.

We focus on the manufacture of flat and tank wagons. We use our own bogies for all the wagons.

Since 2019 we have been investing in new technologies and machinery, which allows us to increase our production capacity and expand our portfolio.

Our goal for 2022 is to become the third biggest European manufacturer with the manufacture of 1,500 wagons and the manufacturer to which customers always return with trust.


We are professionals with a license to be handy.

For NYMWAG, quality means more than a usual quality warranty. Long-term customer satisfaction is something our management and employees focus on. We strive to meet the technically demanding manufacturing requirements and ensure reliability of our products while using modern manufacturing processes.


Our management

Simply and efficiently.

NYMWAG is managed by well-educated managers  with many years of experience in the manufacture of freight wagons.

The structure of the team under the management of Petr Vlček has not almost changed since 2014 and, thanks to our professional and moral qualities, we are a guarantee for further development of the company and fair treatment of our employees and business partners.

As a team, we follow the musketeer motto ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE. This is one of the reasons why we like working together.

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We behave openly

And we work with passion.

Our vision

To be a respected and trustworthy supplier and manufacturer of railway freight wagons for our European customers.

Our mission

To manufacture with passion such freight wagons the quality, technical make and user properties of which exceed the expectations of our customers and enable them to do their business more efficiently.


Fairness, teamwork, open communication, responsibility.


Environmental protection

Green is the colour of life.

We are proud to be one of the suppliers for railway transport, which is and will be the cleanest transport in the near future. We are fully aware of the fundamental impact of the transport of goods and materials on environmental pollution and we firmly believe that an environmental view of the future direction of transport will be one of the reasons for the further increase in railway freight transport.

With our products and behaviour, we want to participate in reducing dust, noise and other adverse effects on the environment and thus make railway freight transport “greener".

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Nymburk manufacturing plant

Our plant, our castle.

We strive to create an environment where people like to work, where they treat each other with respect and continuously improve their knowledge. We initiate and moderate expert discussion in our plant because this very attitude leads to further innovations and progress.

We respond flexibly and professionally to the needs of our customers, and compliance with quality requirements within a specified period is a standard for us. We work to make enough profit, which is the key to our further success.

Where to find us

Flame cutting machines

Powerful CNC underwater plasma cutting machine with high dynamics and for low-located track is suitable for all types and thicknesses of carbon steel and stainless steel.

Longitudinal and circumferential submerged arc welding

Automatic welding machines for the welding of longitudinal and circumferential welds under flux are designed for welds both on a flat plate and in a rolled shell.

Bogie manufacturing line

A line of jigs for the manufacture of bogie frames is designed for both buffer beam bogies and non-buffer beam bogies.

Paint shop

Modern paint shop with technological equipment for reducing emissions of volatile organic compounds. Its dimensions are suitable for painting wagons.

Container wagon manufacturing line

Tank boiler manufacturing line

"Without passion, you don’t have energy. Without energy, you have nothing."

Warren Buffett

Count on us